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Having read a great deal about this ‘explosion’ I want to put before the expanding readership some little facts that they may not know. These facts show that it is far beyond the bounds of credibility for so many, and such varied organisms to have evolved in any step by step fashion.

Simply because they appeared so suddenly and in one fell swoop.

This obviously bothered Darwin, and later on, Gould and many other palaeontologists. There is NO credible evolutionary explanation of the phenomenon, and I am amazed to know that so many informed people (on the subject of the Cambrian explosion, I mean) can look at those facts in the face, and still go along with the ToE.

What does ‘Cambrian’ mean?

Palaeontologists dig down into the earth’s crust, and they have found that there are many layers of rock. They’ve given the layers some very long and fancy names, and the names depend on the kind of fossils in the rock.

The oldest animals/ plants are in the deepest layers, which are the oldest ones, and the newest animals/plants are in the highest ones.

Right at the very bottom of the layers is granite, which cannot and does not contain fossils, and is the oldest of the rocks.

So imagine a pack of cards resting on a granite surface. The granite represents the basement layer of rocks and piled on top of it are the cards, each of which represents a layer of rock. The layer resting on the granite is called the ‘Pre-Cambrian’ layer, and contains a very limited number of fossils: limited both in number and kind.

The layer on top of that one is the ‘Cambrian’ layer, and it is this one we are going to discuss in brief.

What’s in the Cambrian Layer?

To everybody’s astonishment, especially the people who believed in the gradual evolution theory, there are thousands upon thousands of different kinds of animals and plants in that layer, and they weren’t simple ones either.

Here are some famous evolutionists:

Most families, orders, classes, and phyla appear rather suddenly in the fossil record, often without anatomically intermediate forms smoothly interlinking evolutionarily derived descendant taxa with their presumed ancestors.
• Eldredge, N., 1989
Macro-Evolutionary Dynamics: Species, Niches, and Adaptive Peaks
McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York, p. 22

The record jumps, and all the evidence shows that the record is real: the gaps we see reflect real events in life's history -- not the artifact of a poor fossil record.
• Eldredge, N. and Tattersall, I. (1982)
The Myths of Human Evolution
Columbia University Press, p. 59

Described recently as "the most important evolutionary event during the entire history of the Metazoa," the Cambrian explosion established virtually all the major animal body forms -- Bauplane or phyla -- that would exist thereafter, including many that were 'weeded out' and became extinct. Compared with the 30 or so extant phyla, some people estimate that the Cambrian explosion may have generated as many as 100. The evolutionary innovation of the Precambrian/Cambrian boundary had clearly been extremely broad: "unprecedented and unsurpassed," as James Valentine of the University of California, Santa Barbara, recently put it (Lewin, 1988).

"This is true of all thirty-two orders of mammals...The earliest and most primitive known members of every order already have the basic ordinal characters, and in no case is an approximately continuous sequence from one order to another known. In most cases the break is so sharp and the gap so large that the origin of the order is speculative and much disputed...

This regular absence of transitional forms is not confined to mammals, but is an almost universal phenomenon, as has long been noted by paleontologists. It is true of almost all classes of animals, both vertebrate and is true of the classes, and of the major animal phyla, and it is apparently also true of analogous categories of plants.
• Simpson, G. G. (1944)
Tempo and Mode in Evolution
Columbia University Press, New York, p. 105, 107

The gaps in the fossil record are real, however. The absence of a record of any important branching is quite phenomenal. Species are usually static, or nearly so, for long periods, species seldom and genera never show evolution into new species or genera but replacement of one by another, and change is more or less abrupt.
• Wesson, R., 1991
Beyond Natural Selection
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, p. 45

We could go on collecting these quotes. But I want to underline 2 important things.

1 Darwin was wrong, is wrong, and will continue to remain wrong in THIS MOST IMPORTANT MATTER. The fossils say so. There’s nothing gradual about all this – it was BANNNGGGG!!!! Here we all are.

2 All these diverse forms performed ALL THE FUNCTIONS OF ALL LIVING THINGS.

Therefore they all had the instincts required to perform all these functions.

As we've seen, eating (as an example in the first post on this blog), is powered by instinct.

The animal has to know what is food, what to do with it; how to catch it; where its mouth was; what to do with whatever it used to catch its food. All these are basic instincts. The food had to be processed and absorbed - and it is a form of instinct that does all this.

All these HAD TO BE PRESENT IN THEIR ENTIRETY, or the first such animal would immediately have perished.

Therefore, the Cambrian layer represents not only a vast explosion of physical types, it also represents a vast explosion of instinct implantation.

An evolutionist can, and will argue till the cows come home, about intermediate fossils, the incompleteness of fossilization in the preCambrian etc etc. But if he has a single leg to stand on, it is yanked violently from under him by the fact that he HAS to account for the ORIGIN,and implanting of all of these instincts IN THEIR ENTIRETY in about a billion organisms, at more or less the same time.

I was interested read that Gould was of the opinion that the Cambrian period lasted no more than 5 – 30 million years, but the likelihood is that the figure of 5 million was most likely to be the truth.

So all this incredible diversity arose in a geological eye-blink – which is exactly what the creation model predicts.

No evolution here!

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  1. he HAS to account for the ORIGIN,and implanting of all of these instincts IN THEIR ENTIRETY in about a billion organisms, at more or less the same time.

    Why would anyone who is educated in the theory of evolution have to account for this? Evolution doesn't expect a billion organisms to poof into existence at the same time. That's creationism.