Friday, 23 October 2009

The Migration of the green turtle

The Migration of the Green Turtle

"Green turtles, Chelonia mydas, make lengthy, regular migrations from Brazil to their nesting grounds on Ascension Island, 1400 miles away. The navigational systems used by Chelonia are unknown [heh heh heh!]; but recent measurements of visual acuity in green turtles suggest that they cannot use stars for guidance[heh heh!]. In this paper, we evaluate the possibility that orientation is based, in part, on the detection of some chemical substance originating at Ascension Island."

[What nonsense! Some chemical from Ascension Island, being identified by green turtles, at a distance of 1,400 miles! Must be a pretty powerful pong! And sufficiently powerful to guide a green turtle over a distance of ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED MILES, in water yet!]

Here is the phenomenon of instinct in full flower.

Let's assume that there IS some chemical emitted by Ascension Island, which reaches the turtle in Brazil. Improbable, but let's assume.

That chemical must trigger some instinctive response in the turtle, which causes it to set off, on this incredibly long journey. Where did that instinct come from? How did it become implanted in the animal's genome?

Then we have the navigational problem.

Suppose you are scuba diving, could withstand any amount of soaking, and had the necessary supplies etc to swim 1,400 miles.

You dive into the water and set off. In which direction are you going to go? Where IS Ascension Island anyway? And how are you going to find it?

I submit that you would probably be dead a long time before you ever found the island, and then faced the return journey.

So how does this turtle do it? And why?

That instinct must have been implanted there, full blown, complete, and functioning. It simply could not have evolved by any method known to man.




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